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GateGuard Series is powered by the world-leading facial recognition technology delivering reliable and safe access control solutions to both public and private sectors in the global market. This product series embraces different versions answering requests from light and quick roll out to large scale deployment involving software customization and system integration.  







Multi-functional access control solution for enhanced private security 

ScanViS GateGuard PRO is an upgraded access control device with strong components delivering practical and highly flexible functions including effective liveness detectionmulti-factor authenticationwatch list compilation (white/ black list), door control and alarm setting. Users can manage ID group and entry authorization through a comprehensive user interface. GateGuard PRO offers configurable web services integration, allowing admins to combine access control with HR, service registration, reporting and other systems under a single umbrella. For example, when employed in the intercom system of the company, voice communication will be available between staff and visitors via the device. The integration of devices across multiple functions and platforms gives security and facility managers much more control over their premises.

Personalizing greeting message on the display screen when the registered visitor is authorized to entry is available in GateGuard series. This function gives a good visitor experience when a VIP checks in the company or a building.






All-in-one facial recognition device for access control in enterprises or organizations

GateGuard is a 7-inch, all-in-one facial recognition device with a cloud computing platform to run ID management and perform real-time access monitoring of offices and buildings at the point of entry. The user-friendly web dashboard enables multi-device central management, instant access log update, data visualization and analytics functions by simply one click.

Other than 30,000 face databases, the device houses a touch screen with card reader providing flexibility for organization which needs two-factor authentication or as an optional method to work with the traditional system. Besides identifying user’s face within 2 meters in less than 1 second, GateGuard can also personalize greeting message on the display screen when the registered visitor is authorized to entry. This function gives a good visitor experience when a VIP checks in the company or a building.

Liveness detection and watch list compilation (white/ black list) are featured to enhance security. With real-time push alert, office admins or security personnel will be notified of unauthorized visitor or identity fraud on the mobile APP.  






Light and effective access control device for quick roll out 

ScanViS GateGuard Lite is a simple and easy access control device to perform facial recognition, liveness detection, and to display visitor greeting messages. It offers totally contactless authentication method and prevents identity fraud.  

Given the growing trend of mobile workforce and smart building, GateGuard Lite is designed with access control and visitor management functions to automate attendance recording and visitor entry authorization for  enterprises who look for reliable and quick roll out. 

GateGuard Lite supports password protected local management, windows based management system, and 3rd party management based on RESTful API.    


Easy Installation

Wall mount device controlling door access at office entrance.

Pole mount device for gate integration at the building lobby.  


Which industries use GateGuard Series?

Events & conferencing



Access control
Visitor management